3: Create Flight Sheet(s)

Flight Sheets allow you to set which coin you want to mine as well as which miner and mining pool you use to do so. 

  • The miner is the mining software used by your worker (rig) to do the mining.
    •  Miners can be compatible for Nvidia, AMD, or both. 
    • Popular miners and their hashing efficiency will be covered later.
  • The mining pool is a coordinated network of individual miners that have agreed to pool their computing power to generate output levels similar to those associated with large farms or even exceed them. 
    • The use of a mining pool over solo mining greatly increases the likeliness of mining blocks which is based on a lottery system.
    • This comes at the cost of lower rewards per miner in the pool, but the regularity of payouts more than make up for it.
    • Each mining pool has a fee associated with it which we will cover later.  
    • More info about pools


Creating A Flight Sheet

In the Add New Flight Sheet section, start filling in the following fields:

  • Flight Sheet Name — use a name that will describe the Flight Sheet’s purpose best. For example, ETH on ethermine using phoenixminer
  • Coin — this works like a filter, you can see only wallets, pools and miners only for the chosen coin.
    • For example, if you choose ETH the filter will hide all your pre-created wallets and pools that don’t support or aren’t associated with that coin.
    • Advanced: You can also dual mine Toncoin with Ethereum at the same time (covered at the bottom of this page)
  • Wallet — choose a wallet for this Flight Sheet. These are the wallets you created in the Wallets tab.
  • Pool — a pool on which you’ll be mining. Choose a pool from the drop down list.
    • A pop-up window will show up with settings.
    • Additionally, you can change these settings later by clicking Configure Pool.

    • Select Pool Server — Check the servers closest to your location.
  • Email — your pool account email.
    • This option is available on some pools that authenticate users via email, though most will not have this setting.
  • Miner — choose which miner will be used with this Flight Sheet.
    • You'll see Nvidia and/or AMD depending on the miner's compatibility for those manufacturers' GPUs.
    • Click the Setup Miner Config for miner specific settings such as using a specific miner version. 
      You should consult your miner’s documentation for additional details.
  • We recommend you make several flight sheets with different combos of miners and mining pools so that you can switch to compare rewards or if hashing performance is lacking


Popular Miners  

  • T-Rex - (Nvidia GPUs only) comparable performance to Phoenixminer, but can provide up to 10% higher hashrates in some cases.
    • Higher hashrates translate to more profit over time.
    • Recommended for rigs only running Nvidia cards
  • TeamRedMiner - (AMD GPUs only) similar story as T-Rex, though instead of better hashrates, it provides better stability
    • Recommended for rigs only running AMD cards
  • Phoenixminer - one of the most efficient miners producing some of the best hashrates, but at the cost of instability.
    • Lowest fee of 0.65% 
    • Recommend for rigs Nvidia cards. Known issues with AMD cards. 
  • Popular Miners that support both AMD and Nvidia - Gminer, Lolminer, Etherminer

Configuring Multiple Miners for Rigs with a Mix AMD and Nvidia GPUs

HiveOS allows the use of multiple miners simultaneously. The main use of this is to allow you to use Nvidia only and AMD only miners at the same time. 

The process is the same for creating the Flight Sheet:

After filling out the first part of the Flight Sheet, click Add Miner, and enter the values for the second part. In the example above, we used TeamRedMiner for our AMD cards in the rig and T-Rex Miner for the Nvidia cards. 


Popular Mining Pools

  • Hiveon - 0% pool and transaction fee, ability to pay for HiveOS 5 rig+ fee
  • Ethermine - one of the largest pools with servers worldwide, but with a 1% pool fee and 0.5% transaction fee
  • Flexpool - great community with a 0.5% pool fee and lightning fast payout rates
  • Other notable pools - Nanopool, 2miners 



  • As an alternative to mining for specific cryptocurrencies, you can instead sell your hashing power to NiceHash and get paid in BTC. 
  • More info in our FAQ section


Dual Mining ETH + TON

  • (You must have both an Ethereum wallet and a Toncoin wallet)
  • Add a new flight sheet and enter the information for Ethereum covered above.
    • You can use any mining pool for ETH.
    • We recommend the miner Lolminer for dual coin mining.

  • In the Dual Coin box, select TON.
  • Dual Wallet: Choose your Toncoin wallet
  • Dual Pool: You can try any of the pools listed, but for this example we're using whalestonpool.

  • Click Create Flight Sheet.

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